Mission Statement

Through excellence in marketing, creative, public relations and account services, BPS’ mission is to empower clients to achieve their goals of growth and development. Along the way, BPS strives to provide a place where talented professionals in marketing can apply their craft, while forging new inroads in the advertising industry.


Our Core Team


President  &
Creative Director

Having worked since 1976 in the advertising industry in marketing and creative, Terry’s passion for design and the electronic arts has awarded him the respect of his colleagues as an innovator in the advertising and production industries.


Vice President  &
Director of Public Relations

“It is so satisfying to see our clients succeed, and to know that we are part of the team that has enabled that success.”


Account Executive

Ryan has a proven track record of forming great client relationships, managing their marketing expectations and needs to motivate thousands of people to act — buy, attend, download, donate, etc.


Production Manager &
PR Account Coordinator

“Though she may be small in stature, Haley’s PR skill set is mighty. She enjoys the process of finding the right words to get the best results for her clients through communications, social media, media relations, and event planning. "


Graphic & Web Designer

Rachel settled on the idea of a graphic design profession at age 10, and no one has ever questioned her choice. Fluent in the language of visuals, she has a perpetual drive to organize and beautify even the smallest of details, while keeping the big picture in mind.


In an effort to keep costs down for our clients, we utilize the services of associates that can be hired on an as-needed basis. As well, we task interns throughout the year to aid with various roles within the agency. The bottom line, we'll get the job done and within budget!